26 July 2011

Two Sides

Here is the text of a message I sent to my Congressman:

Please act to represent the collective best interests of all of your constituents, not just the dogmatic right. The issues are not black and white - just like equations and ledgers, they have two sides which need to act in unison if good solutions are to be realized. You and your Republican colleagues in the House are damaging the country now and into the future by rejecting far-reaching and balanced proposals such as the "gang-of-six" $4+trillion budget reform package.

Unlike the business and economic interests you purport to protect with a mindless no-tax pledge, you reject the best solutions that have been put forth in decades, seemingly to gain short-term short-sighted political advantage. Every business and every family I know, when faced with a financial challenge, does two things simultaneously:

  • Cut all unnecessary expenses that will not harm the business' or family's future, and
  • Increase revenue to the extent possible with increased sales and collections, and/or in the case of a family by taking on additional work - like a second or part-time job, or selling some assets.

No business or family would leave revenue out of the equation, especially revenue that has negligible if any downside. And in this case, loopholes that data has shown are not cost-effective in creating jobs, not boosting overall economic growth, nor meaningful investments in the future.

I worked in the House of Representatives many years ago, I understand the political pressures on Capitol Hill, I know how progress is made. I urge you to think independently, not just as one of the sheep in your Party. Do what is best collectively for all the people in your district and the US in the long run. Not what you [falsely] think will win the next news cycle or assuage the talking heads. Please stop ignoring history, arithmetic, facts, and common sense in order to push a sound-byte-based political marketing agenda.

Thank you for your consideration. Now please get to work.