18 June 2010


Here we go again: The Kyrgyz are killing the Uzbeks. (and/or vice versa this time or next)
Get over it, grow up, use your brain, open your eyes, talk; you are the same. You are all descended from the same set of nomads, invaders, traders, missionaries, colonialists, etc. One group does not have feathers and fingers and the other fins and fangs; you are literally brothers.

You are not the first and sadly probably not the last: Hutu - Tutsi, Serb - Croat, Israeli - Palestinian, ...; all brothers, all identical.

The other day in the UK, the Bloody Sunday Inquiry report findings were presented to Parliament by the Prime Minister. In my opinion it was an extraordinary speech. (Admittedly it may be somewhat less extraordinary in the UK Parliament than a similar one would be in the US Congress, but I digress.) Besides the fact that it was clear, succinct, unequivocal, and uninterrupted, I thought that one of the more interesting aspects was the perspective. I was an adult on Jan 30, 1972, but most who may read this were not. David Cameron was five, Bono was eleven (the U2 was a spy-plane); to them this happened on the ragged edge of history. Perspective shows clearly how stupid it was.

Watch the video.

Overall these conflicts are not not right against wrong, only wrong and wrong. They are about mine vs. yours, not about ours and ours. My version of god, not yours. Whatever. Intellectually we know that anything that is not win-win is in fact lose-lose. It is not a zero-sum game. We get so blinded by prejudice, ignorance, pride, hate, faith or history that we cannot see how our victory could be our loss. Nothing is really black-and-white. Be careful what you wish for. Imagine walking in your opponent's shoes. And always make it a rule never to say always or never!

I hope that the message is not lost in the din of other news. Doing wrong in the name of right is never right, it is always wrong.

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Lora said...

And in other news...the only purpose of "other news" is to hide the existence of "real news".

People killing other people? That's so icky! I'd rather figure out why an oil geyser is Obama's fault and blame him for killing all those cute duckies.

Tornadoes in our nation's heartland is so much more kiddie friendly than war, and they are spurring all sorts of cool programming on cable. I'll tune into the weather channel where I can see the rehashing of the Johnstown flood for the eighteenth time and tell my son that my grandfather was born there. Four year olds think that floods are so cool, like the whole town is a swimming pool. He might get upset if he knows that people are fighting in another part of the world.

And hey! It's another part of the world! What's that have to do with us?